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Prom is one event that is all about fun with friends, and super style. That means, along with corsages, sharp tuxes, and gorgeous dresses, a luxury limo is practically a requirement! Luckily, Fort Collins Prom Limos has you covered with a range of awesome options: prom Hummer limousines, prom stretch limousines, prom SUV limousines, prom party buses, prom town cars. And for those of you feeling a bit adventurous, we even offer a prom classic limousine, as well!

Things to consider as you plan prom transportation:

Plan ahead. Schools often schedule their proms in the same month, and sometime the same weekend!

Waiting until the last minute could mean dropping off your prom-goers in the family minivan – not a good look!

Four months before prom, start planning transportation.

Determine if you want a group prom mini bus, or if something cozier such as a stretch limo is in order.

And remember: book early!

Pick Your Prom

It’s that time of year again: PROM!  What are you going to wear?!  Who are you going to go with?!  How will you get there?! can help you answer at least one of those questions.  When it comes to which sweet ride you should roll in, we’ve done the legwork for you.  All you have to do is take a gander at our vehicle list below, then head over to the main page and request a quote from one of our many Operators in your area.  Then, get ready to have a blast at Prom this year!

You have a large group of people that you want to transport for an event, but which vehicle do you book?  

Depending upon your group size, there will be a limited number of vehicle options that can safely transport everyone, the most common being the party bus or the mini coach.  “Aren’t those the same?” you ask.  To which we would answer a resounding, “No!”  Depending upon your party and your event, these vehicles offer something very different.  Read on to figure out which option would be the best choice for your group, and get ready to be chauffeured!

Max Passenger Load: It depends upon the size of the bus, but typically these can hold anywhere between 15-23 passengers

(*Side note: this is the biggest reason why it is imperative for you to put the amount of passengers that will be on the vehicle with you, as once the vehicle hits its passenger threshold, it’s a safety hazard to transport over that amount).

Distinguishing Characteristics

Flashy/Snazzy decorating, bench-style seating: similar to a limo, but with standing room; large “bus-like” outer appearance, complete with extremely dark tinted windows, typically has a nice sound system for your vibing pleasure; these are often described as “mobile nightclubs”.

Typical Usage

If the name of the vehicle itself didn’t already give it away, this vehicle is for large “parties”, who either want to keep the party on the bus, or go to various social destinations, in the name of comradery.

Think: bachelor/bachelorette parties; birthday parties; weddings, etc.


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